The Road King ® Fork Lock Cover clock or thermometer takes the place of the fork lock plate. Our part comes with clock, screws and billet housing along with an extra rubber ring for the clock. As you can see from the part, this is a fine addition to your bike.

Take the unit out of the package. To remove the clock pry under the edge of the clock carefully, or push through the hole in the bottom of the holder. Make sure that the clock will not fall on the floor. The clock was not put in all the way so you can get it out easier.  Carefully pry off fork lock plastic plate that has Unlock Lock on it.  Then remove the two Phillips screws beneath the lock plate. Take the Flip cap mount and put it into position. Apply Loctite 242 blue to the thread  of the screws provided.  and  install the screws to hold the cover in place.

Moisten a paper towel with Windex, or a similar product, then wipe it on the rubber ring around the clock if it is to tight to go in the mount.  The windex will help you slide the clock in to the holder. Now turn the clock in the position you like and push it in place inward on the chrome edges of  the clock, making sure that the clock is firmly in place.  When you insert clock into holder, make sure stem section is inserted first and then continue putting clock in place by firmly pressing down.  Make sure clock is inserted all the way before riding.
This clock is waterproof, shock resistant and  the numbers will glow in the dark. Clock and temp gauge must be exposed to a light source to activated the glow in the dark feature.
* When replacing the rubber ring make sure that the nub on ring does not go on top of the clock stem.  
Installation Instructions
              Road King® Fork Lock Clock
Last update 1/14/06
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The LED light is a great addition to this Road King® clock. When you are driving you will see your clock at any time with our light. To install the light takes no time at all. Now what do you do with the wire? Here is a photo of one possibility. Take one of the black ties and put it around the wire and then take and cut the tie short so you can put it between the bottom of the clock housing and the clear spacer.

When you install the clock on the bike the tie will be pinched between the housing and the clear spacer.  Make sure that you put the tie in a position as to let the clock head  swivel and not pinch the wire. Each person has their own idea how the wire will be placed. 

Please share your ideas with us how you did the wiring. The only thing that is important is the wire must be free to turn with the clock head.