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Kendon Single-Rail Stand-Up Motorcycle Trailer
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Kendon Single-Rail Stand-Up Motorcycle Trailer

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Kendon Single-Rail
Stand-Up Motorcycle Trailer

Single-Rail Folding Stand-Upô Motorcycle Trailer

For one bike, lightweight, space-saving convenience the Kendon Single-Rail Folding Stand-Upô Motorcycle Trailer is perfect for you. Outstanding towing performance and excellent value make this single-rail trailer a must-have. The Single-Rail trailer carries one full-size motorcycle., the Single-Rail trailer is easy to maneuver and takes up about the same space as a small bedroom dresser or chest of drawers.

Comes with torsion bar suspension

Spare tire

The trailer is easy to put away when on a trip

Has anyone ever told you that you can't cover your bike while on a trailer? Now you can! Here is a cover for your bike. It will keep the road grime away: stones, water, sand and whatever else might harm your Harley. Before you go on a trip you want to buy a trailer for your bike and it has to be enclosed. But you finally get back to reality when you find out the price $4000.00 and up. So you say, now what do I do? You can make your own cover. You can use plastic, tarps, bed sheets, or a motorcycle cover that is not made for trailering. No one makes a cover like this one. Well you can buy my cover for your Harley. It works because of the way it is made. It's made of one-piece material so it won't rip at the seams and made of the best Sunbrella Fabric, a strong water-repellent fabric. The Sunbrella fabric breathes, which prevents moisture from condensing on the inside of the cover. Take a look at the photos, you will see the fit of the cover is most important so the cover does not flap around. For under $300.00 it does what you want.

We have a few covers left.



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